GeoPro is high quality and quickset process color ink and very popular for coated paper and cardboard paper with gloss.

            This ink is for printing on sheetfed offset presses with a speed from 8,000 up to 15,000 sheets/hour with 1-4 color groups.

            We recommend to use for performing the best printing operations on coated paper.


                                                ก฿ Print a wide range of coated paper                   

                                                ก฿ UV coat in line job simultaneously or in 15~20 hours after printing  

                                                ก฿ Nonskinning over 50 hours

                                                ก฿ 3 types of  ink body (high tack, medium tack & low tack)




                                                   กใ High gloss and shine                   กใ Good rub resistance

                                                   กใ Overnight stability                         กใ Excellent trapping performance

                                                   กใ Rapid drying and setting             กใ Fast setting time ( 3~4 minutes )

                                                   กใ Sharp halftone dots



                GeoEco is lower quality ink than GeoPro, and this ink is very stable on the press and designed for trouble-free printing

                under all printing conditions ranging from low speed presses to high speed presses, from small-sized presses to

                large-sized presses.  This ink can be used on uncoated paper as well as coated paper.