GEOECO OP VARNISH                   Applicable in line job, high-gloss, fast drying and quick set

           GEOECO MATT VARNISH               Excellent matt effect, good-resistance and quick set

           GEOECO COMPOUND                    Reduces tack value

           GEOECO DRYER                             Paste dryer to accelerate drying for quicker work and faster bindery procedure on

                                                                     substrates with poor drying characteristic

           GEOECO VARNISH                         This is the standard varnish to be used in the inks. The maximum amount to be used in

                                                                     the ink is 5%.



                                                                      PACKGING            Net 1 kg/can 12 cans/carton,  net 2 kg/can 6 cans/carton

                                                                                                     Net 20 kg in a pail can, net 200 kg in a drum

                                                                                                     Net 1 or 2.5 kg/can (vacuum-packed)